HOLD ON: The Musical 

Writer: Beth Crawford 
Director: Richard J. Hinds

Writer - Beth Crawford

For 14 years, Beth Crawford of Bucks County, PA has been writing, adapting, and directing shows for theater. Crawford received her Bachelor's degree in Business & Marketing Education from Rider University and has successfully owned and operated businesses for nearly 20 years. Crawford, however, is best known in the area as the creator and founder of BC Discoveries Dance & Theater Arts Company (BCDTA). From 2002-2009 she held the position of School and Theater Company Director, as well as writer and educator. During that time, Crawford wrote and directed 12 fully staged productions that incorporated cast sizes in excess of 100 students between the ages of 5 and 18. Original works include: A WINTERLAND WISH, THE PRINCESS OF OCTAVIA, JOURNEY TO BROADWAY, and IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

After the sale of the business, Crawford pursued other ventures, but return to her craft in 2013 to create HOLD ON: The Musical.


As a mother of a gay son, I have had the pleasure and privilege of watching my sometimes conflicted young boy transform into a confident young man. Sadly, not all parents are as fortunate or willing. While great strides have been made, we are not there yet. Substance abuse, hate crimes, homelessness, and suicide continue to rise among the LGBT community.

While my son was immediately accepted by our family, I'd be lying if I said that it was a piece of cake. We had many concerns: Will he be safe? Will his friends accept him? Will he find happiness? While some of these questions have been answered and others remain to be seen, we will never fully understand the struggles that he and others have faced and continue to endure.  

"If HOLD ON :The Musical can open even one intolerant heart or give hope to one struggling individual, this labor of love will have been worth it!"   
Beth Crawford