HOLD ON: The Musical 

Writer: Beth Crawford 

Director: Richard J. Hinds

Synopsis - HOLD ON: The Musical​


SETTING: Spring 2015, Philadelphia, PA 

Brian Miller had no intention of "coming out" that spring evening, but when his father (Mr. Miller) sides with a local barber who refused to service a customer based on his sexual orientation, the 23 year old song-writer could not help but blurt out the secret that had haunted him for a decade.

Although the news causes further strain on the Miller's already troubled household, Brian is determined to finally start living. With the help and support of close friends, Sammy, Cara, and Zach, Brian begins to open up and find his true self.

Having been consumed with his own demons for so long, Brian is surprised to learn that nearly everyone in his inner circle is facing some sort of challenge: loneliness, academic pressure, and a failing marriage. The tight-knit bunch embarks on a journey full of life lessons in pursuit of happiness, but are further tested when faced with the sudden, tragic death of one of their own. 

Music has always served as Brian's strength and coping mechanism, but not this time. Will Brian's dreams forever be shattered? Will the group ever come to realize acceptance, freedom, and hope?