HOLD ON: The Musical 

Writer: Beth Crawford 

Director: Richard J. Hinds

Thank you for your support! 

Bringing a new musical to life is costly and no easy task. It involves assembling an experienced creative team: a theater director, music director, choreographer, general manager... It means creating a score, finding amazing talent through an audition and casting process, as well as retaining musicians, technicians, stage crew, rehearsal space, and much more. Your donation will help to develop and workshop this important piece. "HOLD ON" is not just any musical - its purpose is to inspire change and provide hope to those individuals and families who struggle. 

Perhaps you can relate to this story on a personal level? Perhaps you cannot? No problem, "HOLD ON: The Musical" does not discriminate! Its purpose is to entertain all audiences via theater, song, and dance. We are confident that when the show's powerful message, its incredible soundtrack, and creative team join forces, "HOLD ON" will possess the qualities of a very promising musical. Together we can make a difference!

Thank you for your donation and for recognizing that "a little change could do us all some good"!